May 31, 2009

New Website Launched!


After several weeks of long, sleepless nights the new website has been launched! It's a work in progress, but we are proud of the outcome and feel really good about our new internet home.

Check out the new Alan Abrams website to view the new site.

May 24, 2009

Just Delicious!

My long-time friend Jason Wallace recently opened up a new ice cream shop in Newark, New Jersey. Just Delicious simply has the best ice cream East of the Mississippi. In fact, I doubt you'll find a better ice cream on either side of the Mississippi. Wait, why are we even talking about Mississippi in the first place?!? Crooked-letter, crooked-letter, yada-yada-yada...

This blog is about good people, some really good ice cream, and a great Mayor. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that Newark's mayor, the Honorable Cory Booker was on hand to help celebrate his city's latest and greatest place to grab a good bite to eat. Located at 209 Bloomfield Avenue in Newark, "Just Delicious" will be the place to visit when you need something that's just delicious to cool you off during the hot days of Summer.

I've known Jason and his wife Dorothy for nearly 25 years. They've been an incredible team for as long as I've known them and this latest endeavor is a testament to the energy and drive these two have always shown. Whether its a running a restaurant, a real estate business, or dabbling in entertainment, they've always done everything first class. Did I mention that they've done all of this while raising 4 children? Yeah, they're definitely something special.

As you can see here , the ice cream is the real deal. No artificial flavors, no hormones, no preservatives, and no stabilizers. The only ingredient here is good taste! And to top it off, it's all made right there on the premises.

Mayor Booker, who seems to be just about everywhere, made an appearance and stayed around long enough to do some meeting and greeting with the neighborhood residents, take a tour of the facilities, and enjoy some cool refreshments on what turned out to be a pretty warm day. His enthusiasm is contagious and things certainly have a way to livening up whenever he's around.

As part of the tour, Jason revealed his plans to open up a fully accredited School for Restaurant Management in a separate part of the building. The Mayor appeared to be particularly impressed by this as well and Jason's plans to use the local community as a source of employees for this restaurant and others that he plans to open in the future. It's uplifting programs and ideas like these that prompted the Mayor to run for office in the first place.

If anyone can judge good ice cream it's kids and these young fellows most definitely approve.

Having a family run business means putting your own kids to work!

Thumbs up!

News of "Just Delicious" travelled quickly and had kids running to the store from miles around.

(Note: That's actually Jason's daughter, but she was running for some ice

One of the rigors of being a celebrity involves interviews, something Jason handles like a true pro.

May 1, 2009

"A Rose Is Still a Rose"

As much as I like taking photos of people, one of my joys as a photographer is to shoot still life. Every now and then it can be fun to shoot something that isn't moving. Looking around for something to shoot, I remembered that I had brought home a beautiful rose arrangement from last week's LIHCC event. I figured they would be in bad shape but when I found them, I noticed that they still looked pretty good. So I decided to do what I always do......I photographed them!

Since I really wanted to get in close, I used one of my macro lenses. In this particular case it was the Pentax FA 50mm of the 2 or 3 sharpest lenses even made by Pentax. Not only is it sharp, it really renders beautiful color and produces some really soft out-of-focus areas. The pink-white rose made for a really nice subject.

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